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Enhance Technology Process

Skilled professionals, multidisciplinary competence, technological advancement, quality and innovation. The Enhance Technology Process exists through Differentiation in Agriculture.

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ETP Experience

The Enhance Technology Process involves a very wide range of skilled professionals in many different areas of expertise. Our interdisciplinarity allows us to be a benchmark company in plant protection products, in general, and in off-patent solutions in particular, from the monitoring of active ingredients, which are then made available to the public, to the marketing of a product with the Sapec seal.

Sapec Agro Business stands out more and more in the markets due to its fully tailored and innovative solutions offered to farmers.

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A reference player that provides the market with a portfolio of intelligent solutions and a project characterised by being:

Independent Value Generator Alternative With Future

In the Crop Protection area, part of Sapec Agro Business since 1965, the Group manages off-patent active ingredients according to a stringent quality control. Quality is the backbone of our products: we optimise products already known in the market with new formulations and create totally new and innovative mixtures after a long R&D process carried out by Sapec Agro Business.

  • Multinational companies with R&D, development of new molecules
  • Sapec Agro Business - Generic products companies with R&D, development of new products using off-patent active substances
  • Differentiation on formulations
  • Companies of generic products with self-support
  • Companies of generic products without self-support


The added value introduced by Sapec Agro Business in Agriculture and offered to the sector is Differentiation. This is the cornerstone of our way of being in the market and of how we take care of the great wealth we all need – Nature.

Over the past few years, considerable investments have been made in technology, European and Brazilian regulatory affairs, and in the research and development of new products. This allows us to have a vision of our future based on Differentiation.

We make a point of knowing the market and of being in close proximity to the farmers. This is what consolidates our agility in providing answers to farmers’ needs. All the technological investments done by Sapec Agro Business serves Agriculture by responding more quickly to the real needs of the market.



In order to invest in Crop Protection as the Group’s core business, we knew it had to be fully independent:

• Considerable investments were made to comply with European and Brazilian regulations, leading to increased competitiveness and exports

• Sapec Agro Business is now the European generics company that has invested the most in the European registration of off-patent products

• Marketing expertise is essential to analyse and monitor the investment opportunities in terms of portfolio development, anticipating winning strategies of marketing and positioning

• We market products, have internal manufacturing capacity, and raw material suppliers that comply with the demanding international quality certificates

• Proprietary and extensive support to molecules and products translates into a sustainable business with great potential for growth


Sapec Agro Business products mean quality

Our infrastructures and laboratory and plant expertise all add up to our renowned quality

  • Modern and high-tech plants
  • Investments made to increase our capacity and state-of-the-art laboratory technology

Renowned and certified quality

  • Environmental License – Portuguese Environmental Agency
  • ISO 9001 – Quality management System
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
  • OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • NP 4457 – Research, Development and Innovation Management System and Innovation
  • ISO 17025 – Accreditation of Quality Control Laboratory
  • ISO 50001 – Energy Management System
  • GLP Certification Physical-Chemical Laboratory
  • GLP Certification Residues Laboratory
  • GLP Certification Residues Trial Unit
  • GLP Certification Microbiology and Cell Biology Laboratory
  • GEP Certification Efficacy trial Unit for Crop Protection Products
  • GMP Certification Veterinary Medicinal Products Manufacture
  • GMP Certification Veterinary Medicinal Products Synthesis (pyretroids)
  • ISO – International Organization for Standardization
  • OHSAS – Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series
  • NP – Portuguese Standard
  • GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices
  • GLP – OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practices
  • GEP – Good Experimental Practice


A differentiated product is born out of strong expertise and installed capacity

• Ability to develop new formulation types, even the latest and most technically demanding: WG, OD, SC, CS, ZC

• Creation of differentiated generic products with added value

• New formulations, some of which are patentable

• Development of technical performance, safety and environmental profile


Through R&D, Sapec Agro Business develops innovative products
Our level of differentiation allows us to be at the forefront of the agrochemical products market, placing us as a benchmark company in the markets in which we operate.

• It brings us more competitive advantages in terms of product offer

• Active ingredients are generic, but the mix and formulations are new

• Subject to an industrial property law protection process (where applicable)

• Supports a portfolio of intelligent solutions, achieving an “ideal” balance between generic products and unique and exclusive solutions


The Sapec Agro Business product is the result of exhaustive analyses and strategic decisions.

  • IDEA

    To invest in a new product, it is essential to be innovation-oriented, and to monitor the market and its trends


    Screening tests and market trend assessments help consolidate the idea


    Reflecting very carefully on the strategy leads to the decision of creating a new product


    Sapec Agro Business develops the formulation, creates the registration dossier, defines the marketing strategy and initiates the required industrial protection mechanisms


    Innovation materialises into a differentiated and innovative product – Advance Technology Product

This internal process is possible due to the characteristics of Sapec Agro Business.


    Proprietary and extensive support to molecules (Annexes II) and formulated products (Annex III) translates into a sustainable business with a great potential for growth


    We run advanced manufacturing and laboratory facilities and have state-of-the-art technological expertise


    Our in-house culture provides multidisciplinary know-how (technical, regulatory, marketing, production, laboratory, industrial property, legal)

  • R&D

    5 % of our annual turnover is invested in innovation and development

  • ETP

    This is the result of our know-how and investment in product development.


Sapec Agro Business

The defense of intellectual and industrial property is a result of a genuine R&D process. Through it, Sapec Agro Business is internationally recognized for its innovation efforts. The obtained patents and the pipeline of patent processes under evaluation are consequences of the Enhance Process Technology.

  • PT106351 –
    dimetomorph + propamocarbe in SC formulation
    Date: 16th May, 2014
  • PT106198 –
    lambda cyhalothrin + imidacloprid in ZC formulation
    Date: 2nd October, 2014
  • PT107186, ES2555077, GR1008685 –
    nicosulfuron + sulcotrione in OD formulation
    Date: 27th November 2015, 6th July 2016, 14th April 2016
  • EP2822388 –
    lambda cyhalothrin + imidacloprid in ZC formulation
    Date: 10th December, 2015
  • EP2642853 –
    Fungicide mixture with azoxystrobin , folpet and dimethomorph
    Date: 8th June, 2016